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Moving On To Something New

A new job beckons, much sooner than anticipated

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On the 26th June 2012 I was unexpectedly handed a months notice that my employment with Activ was to come to an end. The company has been acquired by another established web-design company who have their own team of developers and so are moving everything in-house.

So, yesterday was my last day with Activ. My time there has been much shorter than I would have liked, clocking up just under 9 months working there, but it's been a thoroughly enjoyable time which has challenged me personally and professionally, but I honestly believe that I come out of the experience with nothing but new or improved skills.

I've worked with some excellent people, and for those that remain (the franchisees etc) I wish them all the very best for the future. I hope that the short time that I had with you has left a positive imprint on the work that you do, and I hope that it stays with you as you develop yourselves and your businesses.

To my old bosses, I wish them all the very best in their next endeavours, whatever they may be. I thank them for the opportunities that they gave me and have enjoyed working for them.

And so, on the 6th August I begin my new job. I am now the Development Manager for The First Club (corporate site, front-end store). I'm really excited about the possibilities at TFC and am looking forward to a mutual development and hopefully many years of great success